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As the question suggests, shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate that can posses the identical texture and appearance of glass, with it typically being translucent and brittle. be It is one of the most sought after extracts, due to its desirable appearance and potency. It’s also known as cannabis shatter, marijuana shatter, or shatter wax. This marijuana extract is created by extracting the essential oils from the marijuana plant. Due to the common glass like texture shatter has and it’s fragility and breakable nature, shatter is most often “dabbed”, Which involves using a dabber, a handheld tool or piece of equipment that is long, pointy, and heat proof. It’s used to expose a concentrate such as shatter to the hot surface of a oil rig, a flat bowl and a nail that is connected from the stem of a water pipe, being heated..


This is often also called a dab rig. Shatter typically has a concentration of around (50-90) percent of cannabinoids (the naturally occurring compound of marijuana) by weight. This making it one of the most used cannabis concentrates, with it being a fast, effective, and efficient way to consume marijuana. What is CRC and why is it being used? Color remediation column (CRC) is a backend technique being using as an addendum in the cannabis extraction methodology. In CRC processing, three substances are tightly packed into a filtering column. Those three substances are T5 bentonite clay, silica gel, and Magnesol, all working together, these products demonstrate a remarkable and impressive capacity to strip impurities from Cannabis extractions, which can be forced through the filtering column for collection on the other side. .

In addition to its purifying capabilities, color remediation column filtering does precisely what the ‘color remediation’ part of the name suggests: changing the color of the extraction. Specifically, changing it to an attractive, translucent yellow-gold, even a whiteishcolor, that can be similar to the color of some live resin concentrate products. The huge problem is that it will do this regardless of how old, dark and brownish the original cannabis material might have been. Yet CRC filtering techniques applied to old brown and also poor quality flowers, will create extractions that look fresh, clean, tasty, and superior, even if they are the exact opposite of such. .

When evaluating cannabis extracts, people tend to associate a lighter color with better quality, but that standard may no longer apply for those who get their products from suppliers using color remediation column technology for the reasoning of passing low-quality concentrates off as a high-quality product to unsuspecting customers. This is unfortunately why it’s important to be caution about which marijuana dispensaries and brands of cannabis concentrates your are buying while shopping.

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