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Zoo Mints by Walt Herb Co. 29%


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THC: 27 – 29% | CBD: 1.7 – 2.3% | 40% INDICA : 60% SATIVA

Zoo Mints: A Hybrid Wonderland of Tranquility and Relief

Step into a hybrid wonderland of tranquility and relief with Zoo Mints, a strain crafted from the union of Animal Cookies and Thin Mint Cookies. Inheriting calming properties from its parentage, Zoo Mints becomes a sanctuary for both body and mind, perfect for unwinding after work or settling into evening relaxation. Its lineage promises a robust body and head high, offering a welcomed escape from life’s daily stressors. With a delightful blend of sweet and pungent aromas, complemented by a refreshing hint of mint, Zoo Mints invites you to a moment of serenity and calm. Medical users find solace in its soothing embrace, using it to alleviate symptoms of stress and seeking balance for body and mind. Cultivated with care, each bud embodies the marriage of nature and science, promising a tranquil journey. So, surrender to the enchantment of Zoo Mints, and let its gentle minty tranquility guide you to a realm where relaxation meets revitalization, leaving the world’s cares behind.

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