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Sweet Tooth by Walt Herb Co. 31%


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THC: 29 – 31% | CBD: 1.8 – 2.5% | 60% INDICA : 40% SATIVA

Sweet Tooth: Embrace the Irresistible Charm of Sweet Tooth

Embark on a sweet and silly journey to a confectioner’s paradise with Sweet Tooth, a strain that beckons you into a realm of sugary euphoria, just like the escapades of Alfred E. Neuman in a candy store. In its enchanting presence, clusters of buds unfurl, blending pastel pinks with delicate sugar-white crystals. Prepare for a sensory odyssey as you inhale the intoxicating aroma—a harmonious fusion of freshly baked confections and delicate floral undertones, infused with subtle hints of vanilla that ground the senses, promising an experience as delightful as it is enchanting. As the sovereign ruler of sensory delight, Sweet Tooth bestows upon its devotees an experience that transcends the ordinary, enveloping the mind and body in a euphoric, uplifting haze that inspires creativity and introspection while inviting a deep, tranquil peace. Beyond its enchanting aroma and blissful effects, Sweet Tooth is a healer, offering solace to those burdened by the challenges of existence. In our kingdom, cultivating Sweet Tooth is not a mere task; it is a sacred art, a dance with nature that demands patience and dedication.

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