Holy Grail Air Buds by Zillionaire (Sativa)


Zillionaire 100% THC OIL AIR BUDS 1G Cartridge comes with 2 Cartridges.

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2 reviews for Holy Grail Air Buds by Zillionaire (Sativa)

  1. imported2nv

    Pretty decent product still has a few glitches and design changes I would do personally put up against a 510 thread battery hands down this is better your charge last longer with the case you can carry an extra pod of your choice if you bought more then one strain that is with the current sale I would grab a few extra pods.
    They’re also refillable not from the bottom! Leave a little oil in the pod if you plan to refill. It’s worth the extra money. My only issue is a cranky pod here and there end up with oil in the mouth or a blow out in the bottom of the sealed pod system! Just take care to watch out for this with that all said it’s still less of a pain in the ass than the 510 clogging or coil leakage I wanna give the best review possible this is after months of using this device. Happy vaping

  2. imported2nv

    Ps it also isn’t susceptible to breaking like a glass cartridge if you drop it!!!!

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