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Humboldt Mini is a lightweight, portable home THC/CBD tester. It is used for measuring sprout and flower extracts potency. A small amount of extracts could be tested within 10 seconds without diminishing the sample‚Äôs properties. It is a user and eco-friendly device as it is a NIR spectroscopy-based meaning only light is required as a source of media for the test. Moreover, it avoids the use of any hazardous substances or harmful end products being formed. The process is very simple. Taking minute amounts of cured buds in the electronic device. And light is shone over the sample through a small measurement window. It shows the potency test results on the display screen immediately after a few seconds.


CannaMetric labels can get used for printing the result as a paper document. This brings a buyer trustworthy proof of purchasing cannabis products as the test could be taken on-site. This hinders the seller from misguiding a buyer with false results. The customer gets a chance of negotiating the expense with good quality products too. This is a convenience that was not gained until now because of the huge price and lack of expertise. For better quality control, each test result can be recorded. And easy for you to compare and find out the most potent cannabis. This uncomplicated and easily manageable profiler allows the customers accessibility of using this small hand carrying yet reliable device anywhere anytime. The most beneficial fact is that no expertise is needed to carry this test out. And at the same time cost-efficient, relieving the stress of laboratory examinations. And the time period it would take to know the outcome. Likewise, consumers are obliged to know which standard of cannabis products they are purchasing, its impact, and how much of the product is required to gain the expected results. The Humboldt Mini could change the vision of the cannabis plant production of the desired concentration level to a new extent. The cultivators will get profited by producing the best quality marijuana all over the world. On the other hand, specialized drug therapy can be manufactured which is essential for medical cannabis patients. The product value is directly correlated to the THC/CBD potency for growers.

Similarly, it is necessary to extract processers to yield products with accurate THC/CBD composition to establish a faithful reputation for the customers. This whole procedure of harvest to sale is quintessential for adequate cannabis mass production. In further future, the entire chain starting from the farmers to the top-level cannabis business entities will work together. This will cause a circling practice, knowing the correct potency recognition which would enhance the supply rate of cannabis products in the market. Therefore, a conclusion can be drawn that this portable machine could be used to experiment rapidly developing techniques rather than growing the plants on a field without knowing the THC/CBD balance. Thus, more time could be spent on researching all by oneself to acquire desirable potency according to the demand of the consumers.

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