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Our Mantra: Elevating Lives, One Toke at a Time

With our headquarters in Toronto, we proudly offer Same-Day delivery within the GTA and surrounding areas, as well as 2-Day mail order delivery across Canada. Our primary goal is to provide exceptional customer service and education, empowering our clientele to make informed decisions about their cannabis journey.

As ambassadors of change, we strive to redefine societal perceptions of the cannabis industry, championing its positive impact on individuals and communities alike. As we navigate these dynamic times, we stand at the forefront of the cannabis revolution, eager to share its myriad benefits with you.

We’re not just another company—we’re a squad on a mission to shake up the cannabis scene and show the world how awesome it can be. So, join the party, and let’s blaze a trail together into a brighter, more lit future. At Toke, we’re igniting good times, one toke at a time!